Royal Arc - A Great Place to Work

Royal Arc prides itself as a great place to start or continue a career in the manufacturing industry.

Vision of Royal Arc Human Resources

Royal Arc's formula to success is explained by its approach to human resources as we invest in people. We aim to supply a profile of employees and a management system reflecting Royal Arc's vision.

Mission of Royal Arc Human Resources

Our mission is to be the best performing company in its sector and make our employees feel proud of working here.

The Policy of Royal Arc Human Resources

- To protect and improve the facts that constitutes Royal Arc culture.

- To increase the vision awareness among the employees via each and every implementation.

- contribute to the career and individual progress and motivation of employees continuously with a human resources management system that has principles of qualified work is obtained by qualified peopleand continuous progress.

- To provide a pleasant working environment in which heart to heart communication is maintained on the basis of mutual trust and objectives of team work on the basis of collaboration are obtained.

- To evaluate all the employees within the framework of performance evaluation system while being focused on the target and reward the outstanding performance and scope out the reasons for failure and find remedies for it.

- To specify the motto of the company as perfection and to provide an atmosphere that enables all the employees regardless of their status or title to produce creative ideas.

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